For Youth Ministry

LINK247 is biblically based and distinctly Apostolic. Each series includes four lessons written by leading student pastors and Hyphen leaders from across North America as well as a complete graphics package so you can use video and images to connect with your group and promote upcoming series.

Materials are available for the Youth level (ages 12-18) and for the Hyphen level (ages 19-30). LINK247 is the only ongoing Apostolic curriculum for Hyphen, and these series promote engaging discussion leaders can facilitate in a small-group setting.

Do you need a last minute ice breaker? Of course you do! Are you planning a fun night and are tired of predictable games? Of course you are! Check out The Source for Youth Ministry and Youth Group Collective. 

For personal development

Discipleship Central provides unlimited streaming of Apostolic media for daily spiritual growth. It is with this in mind that Discipleship Central was created as a resources for individuals, families, and churches, alike. Discipleship Central provides unlimited access to five broad types of content:

  1. Discipleship Central Originals

  2. Teaching Series

  3. Conferences

  4. Classic Preaching

  5. Podcasts

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